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You Are Not my Friend - Amy Douglas

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

As I have grown up

You have grown, not with me

Nor in age

But ferocity.

And I do not think I have felt your


Since I was

14 years of age.

It is sad that whilst others

Have entered and exited

You are the one that remained centre stage,

Nurturing dependence on the unattainable.

You are not my friend,

But you have made a friend

Of me.

I cannot be cut and paste from the cover of

A magazine

But it is what you want.

I will never be what you want.

You have gutted my remains

And feasted on depletion,

Because to you

I am not a person

I am an extension of will.

And mine will be read out to mourners some


But if


Take away so much of living

I want to control


Image Credit: PIRO4D

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