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 Submission Guidelines 

Please wait to hear back about your submission before submitting further work. 



Online:  Up to 1200 words

Print:      Up to 1000 words


Online: Up to 2400 words

Print:     Up to 2000 words


Online:  Up to 40 lines

Print:      Up to 30 lines

We also are happy to consider Instapoetry, Concrete Poetry, Blackout Poetry and other visual forms.



Submissions should be attached as a word document. If you are submitting a piece where the visual layout is important, then please use a .pdf instead. Please use a separate document for each piece.



Wherever possible, we would appreciate manuscripts to be formatted accordingly:


12pt Courier New

1.5 line spacing

Paragraphs indented by 1cm

Section breaks indicated by an asterisk ( * )


If you would like a short bio included with your work, please include one-three lines, formatted in the third-person along with your submission. Please add any links you would like us to include (ie @authorname or at the end. Due to space constraints, this is only possible if your work is published online.


Simultaneous submissions 

We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as a piece is accepted elsewhere. This can be done at any point prior to acceptance by emailing, using the subject heading "Withdrawal." 


Print Edition

The zine is published a-quarterly to fit in with the academic year. It is currently available, subject to availability, from the bookshop at the North Holmes Campus at Canterbury Christ Church University for £1. All proceeds are reinvested in Readable.

The content will be made available in full on the website after being published on social media. This will typically take up to three months.


Terms of Publication

Readable requires First Rights and Non-Exclusive Electronic and Print Rights.


First Rights

This means we want to be the first publisher to publish the poem or flash. We are unable to consider previously published work. This doesn’t usually include work published on personal blogs or social media, however, the accreditation “first published by Readable” and a link to your work at should be added to the piece once published.


Non-Exclusive Electronic and Print Rights

The rights to the work revert to the author upon publication. However, we archive and publish everything on the website, so need non-exclusive rights to preserve a copy of your work.

For the print edition, non-exclusive print rights are also required.





Submission Guidelines
Terms of Publication
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