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Keep Dreaming - Alex Brand

Do you often feel empty when you awake?

I mean it’s not something I’m concerned


Perhaps the feeling is a sign of

exhaustion, from the wondrous journey my

mine has been through. Channeling time

and space as hours pass through


Sleep opens up a new world for those that

want to be free. You can do anything.

There are no rules or guidelines. No

obstacles that obscure your creative


I roamed the Pacific with my own

customised boat, I climbed Everest in two

minutes! Even that was difficult in a

dream, I co-hosted a poetry event with

Sylvia Plath and discussed Mad girls love

song as we roamed through France once

the event was over, and I danced the night

away with Kate Bush whilst we gazed into

each other’s eyes as we sung Wuthering

Heights. You can do anything in a

dreamlike state! It’s our own version of


Yet, once we open our eyes and see

the world for what it truly is, this feeling of

ecstasy and our freedom of thought

slowly diminishes. Life is not quite like our

dreams tell us. It’s brutal and unrelenting,

our time becomes numbered and most of

us can’t grasp what we truly want.

So close your eyes and think of all the

things you’d like to do in your thoughts.

When you sleep, think of your heroes,

think about the places you want to visit,

and picture yourself in absolute bliss.

You’re in control. You’re in control.

Image credit: Darius Bashar

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