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Riptide - Louise Devismes


(tears and oceans are just salted water)

it’s easy to admire chaos from a distance.

safe to claim to be in love with the rolling of the wave

before it hits you.

the last rays of the dying sun

cast a diffuse light on the abyss underneath

as your words wash over me and

sink the anchors attached to your promises.

i find myself on this wrecked raft

every night, eternally fighting against your motions,

for lessons learnt in the sun

prove powerless when it sets.

the color blue has long creeped inside of me

to weigh me down, and

i’m losing my battle for sanity

with each drop i choose to drink.

far from the shore, I have time to

contemplate the cold sky,

the endless rippling of your tidal betrayal,

and ponder: did you kiss me with your mouth

or the first lie you could find?

helpless in the face of immensity,

i know the answer is a mirage and

remain forever swinging at the rhythm of

the heartbroken sea

displaying all its divine force,

reminding me at each crashing wave:

i am at her mercy.

like a sorrowful cry of anger at the sky for remaining

so unfazed by her beauty,

a desperate attempt to be heard by the only one

who will not praise her.

Image credit: Shot By Cerqueria

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