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Phoenix - Claudia Volpe

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

I am the poet who tells the story of human flesh

around human bones

cage to a human heart

and a human stomach

home for butterflies -

their wings in sync with the beat

shaking your limbs

down to your knees

you feel the thrill

of rebirth.

I am the poet who exercises without stretching

I pull muscles on a daily basis

rolling on pain waves

crashing my brain.

They come and they go

soothing the sore

striking the core

I am

what you've been looking for.

I am the poet who combs your hair to silk

to match the ribbon around your wrist

to match the sheets caressing your skin


am the match.

I burn fast and dissolve into smoke

I leave a mark when you get too close

for I, too, like to play with fire.

Image Credit: Gage Walker

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