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Persephone - Claudia Volpe

It's not your fault, Mum.

It's not your fault I can't sleep at night

I walk round and round, I cross

My mind to find

My way back to life

and instead

I keep going in circles

Unable to sight

The next good thing around the corner.

It's not your fault, Mum,

If breathing now seems so hard

And my heart pumps blood

A thousand beats per minute,

Stuck so deep down my throat

Like every word

I want to say to you.

I was never speechless, Mum.

I was the way too loud kid running around the dinner table;

I was the little know-it-all at school raising my hand to answer questions.

All I've got now are questionable answers

To this big, fat mess I found out life to be.

I know nothing now, Mum.

I don't know how I'm getting out of this black hole

That swallowed me whole

But still

Managed to make me feel

All chewed up;

Like every single atom in my body

Got split in a billion little pieces

And exploded in a billion little atomic bombs

Leaving nothing


The graveyard of my emotions.

And Persephone never really left the Underworld, Mum.

Like me, she fell down to the centre of the Earth

As the ground opened wide

Right beneath her feet;

She was forced to reign upon a world in which

She was


A prisoner.

Like me, she only had one taste

Of this unknown land

Of unrequited love

That still lingered on her lips

As she unfolded her eyelids

And prayed

To devotedly die

In her tears.

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