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The Sea - NJ

I was walking with friends along a beach. We were taking a short-cut to visit an old castle. I suddenly stopped and looked out beyond the shingle and I thought of how I once feared the sea. After an accident, I couldn’t put a toe in it.

I used to be afraid of the endless abyss below and how its waves could push and shove you were made of nothing but air. Its salty content is harsh; the waves could be cold like a cube of ice. Although that was a while ago. I am no longer afraid of it. After deciding to swim against the source of my fears I feel less afraid of its power.

However, I still respect the sea.

It holds the power to reshape the land itself: who knows what mysteries are below the waves. The sea can be beautiful, it is full of coral reefs and fascinating wildlife. The smell is not sour but refreshing.

I heard a shout. My friends had noticed that I had stopped. As I turned away from the waves to catch up, I thought to myself; the sea can be a wild but beautiful thing.

Image Credit: Thierry Meier

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