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Making Zines - Nina Vallard

Snip snip click click

I'm happy

I typed a paragraph

About my love for bubblebaths

And glued it over

Turquoise glitter paper

I covered the stapler

With stickers of rainbows

And shoes

Like my favourite hi-tops

I'll write about them in the next chapter

The theme is capitalism

With a friendly face

Buying our redemption

In a reusable cup

I cut out pictures of cacti

And americana themed bedding

To frame the poem

Of my upcoming wedding

With pastel tulle and badass pin badges

E-girl aesthetics with unicorn magic

My favourite texture

Is watercolour paints scanned

The pores show and the colour blocks

I cover the image with an ode to odd socks

Commodification of comfort culture

In a filigree border box

Happy International Zine Month

Image credit: Vitor Santos

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