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I Have Perfected the Art of Worshipping a False God - Lola Stansbury-Jones

It is only human nature

to reach out desperately into the abyss

when you are lost

in the hope that something on the other side

will accept your hand warmly.

Speaking from experience, no such embrace ever came.

But if I tried hard enough, I could kid myself

in to feeling that phantom touch.

Like exchanging money for a dog,

devotion for a caress.

I wish that I could serve

if only to replace the faithlessness within myself.

Mind, body, and soul.

Possession beyond possessions.

Sometimes I see Him

in the eyes of an ordinary man.

His lips curve to accommodate his laughter;

his laughter, like gospel.

Then his muscles relax

and reveal a wrinkle.

Bio: Lola is a young, working-class poet from North Wales. Her work has been published on Headline Poetry, Another North, and the Literary yard. More of Lola's poetry can be found at

Image Credit: Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

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