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How to be a dandy in the age of mass culture - Lola Stansbury-Jones

Let us all defile a common art,

and take pleasure in the nausea of others.

Let us each play the role of a sycophant

and then gorge

upon the disgust of the masses.

‘Where is the pleasure in conformity,’

so says the sultan of bad taste,

‘when we could be so much more?’

To see the world

and not feel sick,

but retain that new-born tenderness;

to stare into the blinking void

and still believe in love songs.


is our finest art.

Bio: Lola is a young, working-class poet from North Wales. Her work has been published on Headline Poetry, Another North, and the Literary yard. More of Lola's poetry can be found at

Image Credit: Ethan Haddox

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