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Cold Welding - Louise Devismes

cold welding


I think we should all take a trip to space

every once in a while.

the only thing keeping two pieces of the same matter

from fusing together when they touch

is the atmosphere on Earth.

maybe Romeo and Juliet could have

catapulted themselves out of it and bonded forever

instead of dying so uselessly,

but try telling Shakespeare that now.

put things into perspective.

see yourself

in a blazing rock rushing towards nowhere,

rushing towards a vast emptiness with all its celestial


you’re meant to burn out and die but for now you’re the most

magnificent thing I see, and I can’t tear my eyes off you.

in spatial silence,

your words can’t travel to my heart,

and I can pretend you’re not

a spectacular explosion.

at the center of my green garden,

the dead tree

never looked threatening until I saw

the gaping crack in its trunk

under the starlight,

a calling void covered by a mirror,

and I recognize danger when

I’ve fallen through it.

you remind me of a black hole: impossible to fill,

you suck the universe in

as a desperate attempt to be whole again,

solely visible by the annihilation of what comes near.

so if chemical reactions look best from afar,

I wonder why we persist in imitating them,

and suppose maybe some of us don’t need to leave the ground,

after all.

Image credit: Unattributed

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