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 Callum Beesley 

Callum is a 






From pillar to post

One minute they want me

The next they’ve forgotten

Where they’ve laid me down.

Dark, always dark

Away from my cousin –

I haven’t seen him in years.


Sometimes they want me back

At least I think so

For a moment

Until I realize they’re between

Serious relationships

And want me for

A quick mind fuck.

They take me

Hover me in front of their faces

Like a mask

And pretend to all those prospective

Lovers before them

They’re the same sweet Sandra

The same funny Flo

The same curious Callum

From High School

I know they are not.


Why do I put up with them?


Because every time they hold me

Every time they bring me up to

Their faces and I look into their eyes

I think: this is it

At last they recognize me

This time


They’ll kiss me.

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