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 Sophie Peterson 




Halloween Riddles



I conceal everything I touch like a blanket you can’t remove,

I bring the nightmares and the shadows with me every time I move.

I come to you every single night like a plague that has no cure.

I make no attempt to comfort, pleasure, warm or reassure.

Do you think you maybe could work out what it is that I might be?

If you are indeed still unsure, simply close your eyes and you will see…




I serve only one simple purpose, which is carried out once a year.

I wait and wait for Halloween not in excitement but in fear.

They cut me up and rip out my insides letting out sadistic childish shrieks,

They stick their knives into my face and cut out triangles from my cheeks.

Next, they stick an open flame inside my empty chest,

And leave me burning outside their doors to entertain their guests…




I am created by another creature to serve them all their needs,

I am used to catch their prey for them in my net so they can feed,

I am woven into amazing spirals and memorising shapes,

I cover many rooftops, and over doorframes, I am draped.

Any small insect that comes my way to my creator I will deliver.

And if ever you were to run into them, they would no doubt make you shiver…



 (1. The dark, 2. A pumpkin 3. A cobweb.)

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