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 Joel Fisher 

Joel is a creative writing student at Canterbury Christ Church University. He has previously been published by Writers Resist.





When your pumpkin grins and candle eyes

Shock my hollow sockets wide

And the hale and hallowed Christ

Is crucified and dies, reprised

Before our dance and gleeful cries

Of trick or treat and closing time


Last calls, we knock and ring benighted

As our aged victim roused, now rises

And some knocking devil deep inside us

Thinks trick and trick now becomes violent

And we kick and kick and so delighted

See spurts of blood, but then unquieted


Step back and back and there beside us

Of the season, there a sign says


“Have a happy fall.”

The sun fires the sea

Joel Fisher


The sun fires the sea

A thousand embers sparkling

You cannot see

To where it ends

But wade in regardless

Cold heat in your legs

Then waist

Then shoulders

Until you plunge your head

And you are in the waves

The flames, the water

Burning at the wonder

Of it all

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