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 Janet Lilah

Janet is 



Daddy's Home


He didn't feel the poker slice into his head

The red crimson paint on the fluffy bunny white carpet

The crumpled newspaper splattered, read


She took out the paper

From the box behind the door

Smirked and curled her lip at the body on the floor


Mummy, Mummy I can't sleep

Be quiet Carol, I won't hear a peep

Are they coming Mummy are they - are they?


I have the sweets here, in a heap!

The radio gave out its warning

In between Thriller and Werewolves of London


A madman on the loose -

Bolt your doors, hammer down your windows


She sweated, she ran, she scrubbed the floor

Heaved her body, he bumped down the cellar stairs one at a time

They will blame the madman, it will be fine


Knock - knock - knock

The house, it shuddered

Mummy - Mummy I've let them in!

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